How to Grow a Community Garden


By Craig Schill
GreenEriePA Writer

What is a Community Garden?
A community garden is where a community of people come together to create and maintain a garden on public land. Such gardens are typically non-profit but are run like a business in order to ensure the garden is efficient and everyone does his or her part. They are great places for people with no gardening experience to learn and to gain a new respect for the environment.

Community gardens have sprouted up in the Erie area, such as the rain garden project that was begun with the help of Sister Pat Lupo of Environment Erie.

The Benefits of Community Gardens

  • Community gardens are great for getting outdoors and meeting new people who likely share the same ideals.
  • They give the chance for anyone to grow fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs.
  • They help the environment since land is not being used for parking lots, sidewalks, or roads.
  • Community gardens also help to recharge groundwater.
  • Gardens are typically much more visually appealing than infrastructure.
  • They are a great tool for teaching children about the benefits of working together as a community, as well as many other important environmental lessons.

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Beck