About Project GreenEriePA

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Our Mission:

GreenEriePA serves as a green guide to Erie individuals and businesses. GreenEriePA highlights successful green initiatives in Erie County while serving as a portal to local green organizations and opportunities. The site provides how-tos for individuals and businesses looking to save money while helping the environment.


GreenEriePA is part of Gannon University's Erie-GAINS project (Erie-Gannon Alliances to Improve Neighborhood sustainability). Started by Ann Bomberger and Michelle Homan, two members of the Environmental subcommittee of Erie-GAINs, the site launched in 2012. The site has been written by dozens of Gannon students and interns over the course of years. All articles were reviewed carefully by local stakeholders and professors before being posted.

In 2015, the Gannon University partnered with Environment Erie, and the site got a new look and was hosted by Environment Erie.

Contact information:

Feel free to email us with suggestions for future article topics (greeneriepa@gmail.com). Check our events calendar, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@GreenEriePA) to stay up-to-date on upcoming events related to the outdoors, renewable energy, composting, environmental speakers, environmental webinars, and much more.

Questions about Recycling can go to the coordinators of your municipality.

Other questions can be directed to Angela Heher at Environment Erie, 814-835-8069.



  • Madeline Bruce, Gannon University student